Carolyn Kivisto

Instructor Carolyn Kivisto became a Pilates student in 2007. Leading a busy life and raising a family, she loved attending Pilates class because she found she left feeling more relaxed and mobile.

Pilates was a great fit for her and the exercises helped her rebuild her core strength after having children and rehabilitating from a broken knee.

As her children grew and she had more time to dedicate to exercise, her passion for Pilates grew. Carolyn took the CoreDynamics Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2018 and received her comprehensive Pilates teaching certificate in August 2020.

By bringing Pilates into daily life, she became more present in her body and her strength, flexibility and posture improved. She is passionate about teaching Pilates because she has gained so much quality of life from her Pilates practice.

She enjoys helping others gain more awareness, strength, and mobility as well as learning how their bodies are designed to move.